Meet James

James Buckler currently lives in London. He grew up in the south-west of England and has lived in the USA and Japan. He has always been fascinated by books, stories and films, especially the gripping, twisty narratives of classic Hollywood cinema and British crime novels. He studied Film, Video and the Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster and has worked in the film & TV industry for many years, most notably as a post-production specialist for MTV and BBC Films. His debut novel, Last Stop Tokyo, was published to critical acclaim in 2017.

His second novel, The Simple Truth, is out in January 2023.

The crime writer James Buckler



James has also lived in San Diego, California and Tokyo, Japan. During his worldwide travels he has worked as a carpenter, a salesman and an English teacher.


Growing up in Cornwall, James has been a surfer since childhood. He has travelled the globe searching for waves, surfing at famous spots in Mexico, California, Japan, France, India and Sri Lanka.


James is the drummer in a band called War Horn. His drumming idols are Led Zeppelin's mighty John Bonham and Animal from The Muppets.


Last Stop Tokyo book cover by James Buckler
The Simple Truth book cover by James Buckler

Books by James

Published in 2017 to critical acclaim, Last Stop Tokyo is a fast-paced thriller set in the Japanese capital.

Coming out in 2023, The Simple Truth is a rollercoaster ride through the dark underbelly of London.