Andrea Mara
Pacy and clever, The Simple Truth is a multi-layered mystery, brimming with action and intrigue, all woven perfectly together in the expertly crafted plot.”

The Simple Truth

A young woman is dead.

A wealthy client needs a favour. You're newly qualified as a lawyer and this could be your big break - so you jump at the chance to help. All you have to do is talk to a family, ask them to sign some papers.

How difficult could it be?

Their daughter was found dead at a beauty spot on the outskirts of London in what you're told was a tragic suicide.

Only you can uncover what really happened. But the truth is never that simple. And this case could cost you your life...

The Simple Truth book cover by James Buckler


Mick Herron
A fine debut – fast-paced and bleak, with a vivid setting and gut-wrenching twists.”
Last Stop Tokyo book cover by James Buckler

The funny thing with suffering is just when you think you’ve suffered enough, you realize it’s only the beginning.

Alex thought running away would make everything better. Six thousand miles from the mistakes he’s made and the people he’s hurt, Tokyo seems like the perfect escape. The bright lights and dark corners of this alien and fascinating city intoxicate him like a puzzle that no one can quite explain. When Alex meets the enigmatic Naoko, the peace he sought slips ever further from his grasp.

After all, trust is just betrayal waiting to happen - and Alex is about to find out that there’s no such thing as rock bottom.

There’s always the chance it’ll get much worse.




The crime writer James Buckler


About James

James Buckler currently lives in London. He grew up in the South West of England and has also lived in the USA and Japan. He has worked in the film and TV industry for many years, most notably for MTV and BBC Films. His first thriller, Last Stop Tokyo, was published to critical acclaim in 2017. His second novel, The Simple Truth, will be published in 2023.